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Al Rowwad Mobile

Al Rowwad Mobile service is designed to meet bank customers needs and to provide premium banking services in the integrity and confidentiality.

Faisal Islamic Bank has a numbers of branches which have been located in a good areas to serve bank customers. ..

We Are the Pioneers

Faisal Islamic Bank ATMs cover a wide range area which help our customers to access the services at any time (24 / 7) ..

We Are the Pioneers

This page contains graphs showing the comparison of the bank performance quarterly during the period 2009 to 2014. This comparisons contain assets developed, investment developed, deposits developed, owners equity developed, income developed, expenses developed, profits before Zakat and taxation developed and average total cost rate.

Our Mission

A Bank with both Islamic face and Sudanese features, aiming to assume the best financial position through its efficiency and outstanding institution contemporary legal banking products, processing foreign relations, modern techniques. with a working team of high esteem.

Our Vision

An Islamic Bank, of Islamic orientation, Sudanese features, adhering to quality and excellence in performance, satisfaction of customers, confidence in suppliers, and community development, takes care the welfare of employees and owners´ equity .