Faisal Islamic Bank (SUDAN) Brand Identity Manual

It is the bank trademark and identification manual, expresses the objectives, main features and metrics related to the bank trademark, the bank logo was designed basically upon standards and goals inspired from the bank strategic goals. This manual contains directives to use the logo on different media types. Therefore we hereby request from all designers and all who have any specific dealing with the logo in any form of advertising or design issues to be committed to all what had been mentioned on the manual, and to feel free to contact us whenever the necessity exist.

News & Events
Annual Reports

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Finance And Economy

Is a diversified Journal registered at the Federal Council of Literary and Artistic Works with reference number 2012/346 and aims to provide economic and financial sector and research (academic and scientific) with financial and economical issues in the form of topics and articles...

Performance Reports

This section contents the performance reports of the bank quartly.

The Pioneer

Is a periodic editorial registered at the Federal Council of Literary and Artistic Works with the reference number 2012/347 and designed to achieve a number of objectives that includes providing data and information about the bank and monitoring the activities and the Bank News and Events...